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Staying on Track

​​Until a few years ago, the electric class was a little more than a novelty. Now it’s only a matter of time before the track is ruled by electricity rather than gasoline. Great Bend High School’s Vocational Technology Club (VTC) began 12 years ago. TRAVIS STRAUB, a woodworking teacher and VTC sponsor, acts as the ElectroRally instructor. His goal is to educate students and give them practical hands-on experience with different projects including building an electric vehicle (EV).

Wheatland Electric sponsors the Great Bend and Scott City high school ElectroRally programs, where teams build electric and solar powered cars and compete to see who can complete the most laps in an hour.

"This is a steady race of endurance. You cannot go full throttle unless passing someone or you are close to the end of a race and need to finish strong,” said JACE SCHWAGER, junior, Great Bend High School ElectroRally
team member. “You will run out of battery so it is a test of managing the car as well as racing it.”


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