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Rural Connections

Wheatland Electric was founded to accomplish one goal: to connect rural Kansas. Wheatland Broadband represents the modern reflection of that goal. For years, rural communities have been left out of the digital revolution because they had only intermittent internet access, often through a patchwork of satellite, dial-up or wireless service. For many companies, it was just too expensive to bring equipment and service over long distances to so few people.

For more than a decade, Wheatland Electric and other cooperatives around the nation have been working to address the lack of broadband in our communities. Just as electricity was the key to unlocking a better way of life nearly 100 years ago, broadband offers that same promise today by connecting people socially, economically and educationally to a global community.

In 2002, Wheatland Electric created its broadband subsidiary, Wheatland Broadband, to offer internet services to the true “last mile” in rural western Kansas. At a time when large telecommunications companies had seemingly left rural residents and communities behind, Wheatland Broadband made high-speed internet service a reality for its members. 

One rural company taking advantage of these broadband services, TRIANGLE H, sees firsthand the benefits of working with Wheatland Broadband.


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